Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

The Bosch WAA24169GB washing machine is a sophisticated appliance that will surely bring the best in both washing and drying performance. This washing machine will make washing of laundry easy and quick with its impressive array of advanced washing and drying functions. This washing machine is also ideal for normal sized households with its 5 kilogram wash capacity. And users will not have to worry about the energy consumption of this washing machine as it is one of the most energy efficient models around.

This machine has a height of 85 cm, width of 60 cm and depth of 56 cm. With its slim design, users should not encounter any troubles at all in integrating it to any part of the kitchen. This is a freestanding, front-loading type that comes in the classic white colour finish.

Users should expect to get very satisfactory performance from this washer. For example, this machine should effectively clean dirty clothes and remove stubborn stains as proven by its ‘A’ rating in washing performance. There are also 15 different wash programmes that users can choose from when washing their laundry, so there should be a programme that fits best to the clothes they are washing. Users, for example, can use the delicate wash programme if they are washing laundry made of delicate fabrics.

This appliance is also very effective in drying clothes immediately, as it has a spin speed of 1200 rpm. It is also rated ‘B’ in terms of drying efficiency. And despite providing steady washing and drying performance, this washing machine is very economical when using energy. senator wss steam It consumes just .85 kWh of electricity per normal wash cycle, which is a steal considering the great performance it provides in washing clothes. It also consumes around 41 litres of water for every wash cycle, while emitting around 58 decibels when in operation.

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